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Oshkosh 2019

May 13th, 2019


We’ll be manning the Polyfiber booth at Oshkosh this year, so if you’re there, please stop by.

If you’re interested in placing an order for material and having us bring it to Oshkosh, it can be a great way of saving on shipping.



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Progress Update

September 23rd, 2017

Well that whole set up and organizing stuff took longer than we thought. Our good friend and mentor, Bruce McElhoe, taught us long ago that in the engineering world, once you’ve determined how long a project will take and how much it will cost, multiply by Pi and you might get close to what it will really take in time and money! Never more true than with a cross country move……Doing most of the setup and construction ourselves we managed to take even longer….but hey, our satisfaction cup runneth over. Happy to report we have a functioning shop now and progress is gaining traction on Frank’s TravelAir.

We are PolyFiber distributors! Call us for fabric covering supplies or technical support. We look forward to working with you!

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Moving Time

September 15th, 2016

After a great party and send off from our Flabob friends and family, we headed east in early July to get settled into our new place in Tennessee.

It’s taking a while to get everything set up and organized but in Autumn we’ll be in full swing on the TravelAir projects in the shop as well as re-covering our Monocoupe.

We’ll also be a PolyFiber distributor, so please consider giving us a call if you need fabric covering supplies or technical support. We’d love the chance to work with you.


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Caution Men Working

February 24th, 2016

Had to take care of some technical and house keeping issues with the website, but it’s back up and running and links to all galleries seem to be working great. Thanks Ryan!

We’ve been making great progress on all the projects in the shop including one big project that I never created a gallery for.  That’s about to change with updates being published on regular basis.  In the mean time, enjoy a picture of one of my favorites.



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General Aviation News Article

November 11th, 2014


Had a nice write up in the General Aviation News a couple of weeks ago.

You can view the article online here.

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Past Mid Year Update (Update)

August 20th, 2014


Lots  going on around here.  Took the Hatz and the Sky Siren to Oshkosh which was a great trip.  The Sky Siren was awarded runner up in the Custom Antique category and was the subject of an interview and photo flight session. Left both planes in the area so we can attend Blakesburg next week. (Where the Sky Siren won the Grand Champion Antique award!)

We’ve been making good progress on the projects in the shop.  Frank’s TravelAir 4000, Granger’s Staggerwing, Bruce’s Bearhawk LSA and the sister ship to the Sky Siren.  This one is being call Sun Siren.  Gonna have to wait a little bit to see that paint scheme.  It’s good to have something to look forward to.

Also making great headway on the new hangar in Tennessee.  It’s a very poorly kept secret that we’re planning to relocate in 2016, so there’s no time to waste getting the new hangar up and starting to get things moving in that direction.

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New Year, New Projects

February 10th, 2014

You might think from the lack of recent updates that things are slow here, or that we’ve been slacking. You’d be wrong to think that because it’s been quite the opposite.


Since finishing the Sky Siren TravelAir, we’ve been doing a lot of wing work and fabric covering.  A set each of Waco YMF, INF and UBF wings getting covered and painted.  Got some Pawnee wings in process right now with a pair Stinson Gullwings waiting for room in the shop.

As far as bigger projects, we’ve got a Wright J-5 powered TravelAir 4000 project underway.  Yes the one pictured above.  The SkySiren’s sister ship is also in the works, not to mention a Staggerwing project that’s on it’s way.  Did I mention the OX-5 powered TravelAir 2000 project?  Yes that too.

It’s hopping around the shop lately.  Look for picture updates soon…….

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Sky Siren Flies

October 14th, 2013


The winds were calm, the sky was clear and temperature was nice.  The paperwork was in order and we’d gone over the airplane one last time.  I was out of excuses, so last Friday I took the Sky Siren TravelAir up for it’s return to air for the first time since the mid 1950’s.  Now 60 plus years is a long time between flights, but based on how it looks and how it flies, we think it was worth the wait.

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Hatz to the MidWest (Update)

June 13th, 2013


If you decide to take a plane like the Hatz from Flabob to Blakesburg, it’s best to plan ahead. Planning for this trip started during the AAA fly-in last year. Some of us Hatz Nutz got together and came up with a plan to make a showing in force in 2013, the 45th anniversary of the design. After getting home, I had a list of items I wanted to clean up and take care of, so there was no time to waste. Worked through the winter on things like fairings, cockpit covers, wheel pants, etc. Also cleaned up and repainted the wings with Nando’s help. Anyway, with no time to spare, it was time to get started on the trip which started with the National Biplane Fly-in in Junction City, KS. Great time with the nicest group of biplane enthusiasts you’re every likely to find.
Now the plane is safely stashed in Iowa at Casa de Lust, waiting for the next leg of the adventure which is the Hatz/Pietenpol fly-in at Brodhead, followed by Oshkosh and finally Blakesburg.
See you at the flying field…….


Here’s the abreviated update.  Took the airplane to Ohio to join up with some barnstorming buddies.  Flew all around Indiana meeting wonderful folks and landing in farmer’s fields.  After that it was on to Brodhead for the annual Hatz club get together, then on to Oshkosh.  Great week there, perfect weather, lot’s of Hatz enthusiasts.  The plane was awarded a Bronze Lindy which was a great surprise considering what I’d been doing with it the previous couple of weeks.  It was bug-covered and dirty!  Strands of alphalfa were hanging off the tailwheel.  Muddy footprints in the cockpits.  In any case, the judges liked it and we were honored.

Blakesburg was it’s usual magical self.  Can’t describe it, you’ve just got to experience it for yourself.  The plane won the Grand Champion Homebuilt award on Sunday evening.  Again a great surprise and honor.  Sure glad I didn’t have to haul those trophies home in the airplane.

After Blakesburg,  the long trip home.  All told, about 4100 miles, 50+ hours of flying time, a bunch of fuel that I refuse to add up, great memories and future plans.

Get out there and fly!!!!

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Getting Close Now

March 14th, 2013

Yesterday we pushed the Sky Siren outside for it’s first engine run. Fired right up and ran like a sewing machine. Just a little more work finishing up some fairings, final rigging, weight and balance, etc…. Should be ready to fly within a month or so.


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