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Current Projects

Frank's TravelAir

A very original Wright J5 powered TravelAir 4000. This project is very cool not only because of it's originality, but because this airplane was flown by Charles Lindberg.

Glenn's TravelAir

Simple and light. That's where we're headed with this restoration. No fancy paint schemes this time. Orange and Blue, just the way it left the factory. With 220 Continental for power, this one will be one nice flying airplane when we're finished.

TravelAir B9-4000

NC9915 is a 1929 TravelAir. Currently registered as a model 4D, it originally left the factory as a B9-4000, meaning it had a 300 hp Wright J6-9. Our plan is to restore the plane back to it's original B9-4000 configuration. Purchased several years ago from a friend and fellow enthusiast Joel Harris, we've been slowly collecting all the miscellaneous bits and pieces required. Now that the Hatz is finished, it's finally time to get started. Check back, more pictures will be added as we progress.