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Motion Pictures

Here are a few video clips of some of our projects.  Sadly there were no Oscar nominations this year, but we’re proud of them nonetheless.

Here’s a clip of the roadster project moving under it’s own power for one of the first times. This thing is fun!!!!

This one was put together by Laurent Detroyat, Grandson of Michel Detroyat,  winner of the 1936 Thomopson Trophy race.

Our good friend Wilfried TOSSEYN put this one together. It shows the Caudron’s first flight with Christophe Marchand at the controls.

This one was taken from a television new story from one of our local stations.

The next few are short little clips taken at Flabob Airport, just prior to and during the first flight of the Caudron.

A short clip taking during the first flight of Hatz N1279 built by myself and Jack Pickering over a period of several years.

Here’s a great way to start the new year. A short flight around Hemet in the Hatz.

We recently took the Caudron and Comet out for a photo session. This was shot by Christophe from the back of the Comet.

Here’s the entire series from the back of the Comet.