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Waco Interior

March 28th, 2012

We’re really getting close on the Cabin Waco project. Last week the interior panels and carpet were installed. It’s hard to get any work done when all you want to do is stand and stare….

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Monocoupe NC15427

March 12th, 2012


Some time ago I let go of my share of a 1954 Bonanza that I’d co-owned with a great group of guys from Hemet.  Not that there was anything wrong with the Bonanza, but at the time I wasn’t using it very much and there was another guy who wanted to buy into the group.  Long story short, bye bye Bonanza.
Since then, we’ve taken a few trips in the Hatz which is always fun, but not exactly speedy.  After our trip to the TravelAir Reunion in Oregon last year, Sheila suggested that maybe another enclosed airplane might be worth considering.  Great idea, but what?  I started going through the requirements.  Had to be fast.  Had to be roomy enough.  Had to be a taildragger.  Had to be tube and fabric.  Had to be an antique.  Had to have an engine that was supportable. Had to have some “cool” factor.
If you start going down that list, a lot of great airplanes get eliminated very quickly.  In fact after going over that list, I’d pretty much eliminated just about everything.  That is until one day I was scrolling through the Barnstormers website and saw a Monocoupe 90A that had come up for sale.  Suddenly the light came on.  I’d forgotten all about Monocoupes, it’s not like you see them every day.  I quickly called on the one I’d seen for sale, but it was already sold.  Apparently Monocoupes move pretty fast on the rare occasion that their owners decide to sell.  I put the word out to all my antique airplane pals that I was in the market for a Lycoming powered 90A and Eric Presten came up with the lead that finally paid off.  Thanks again Eric for the lead and thanks Peter for letting the airplane go.
The day after Christmas last year, I made my way up to Sonoma Sky Park and brought home NC15427.   She’s a 1936 90A with a fuel injected Lycoming O-320 under the hood.  160 horsepower combined with the slick Monocoupe airframe makes for one fun little hotrod of an airplane.  In the next couple of years, I’ll have to pull the fabric, it’s getting a little cracked.  I’ll also want to have the little Lycoming gone through, but in the mean time I plan to take her out and wring her out every chance I get.
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Cabin Waco Update

February 9th, 2012

It’s been a while since I posted anything.  It’s not that we haven’t been busy, in fact just the opposite.  We’ve been making great headway on the Cabin Waco project.  Our goal is to have it finished in time to attend Oshkosh, The American Barnstormers Tour and the Antique Airplane Association fly-in at Blakesburg before heading back to Flabob for the Flabob Flying Circus.  It’s going to be a busy summer, but an even busier Spring getting the airplane ready to go!

We’ve focusing our efforts on getting all the landing gear fairings along with the firewall forward sheetmetal whipped into shape.  Last week before we pulled it all off again, we rolled the airplane outside for a minute to look at it from a distance.  We liked what we saw!!


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Another Recent Arrival

December 5th, 2011

Another TravelAir project showed up last week.  NC3823 belongs to Glenn.  He bought it some time ago out of Seattle and flew it home to Florida with his buddy Rich.  Just a couple of months later it wound up on it’s back after a weld gave way on a landing gear fitting.  Fortunately neither Glenn nor his passengers were seriously injured but the same couldn’t be said for poor NC3823.   Glenn felt really bad about his TravelAir getting all banged up and wanted to make things right.  All of his friends tried to talk him out of it,” just go out and buy another airplane” they told him.  I even tried to talk him out of it, but Glenn wouldn’t have any of it.  Glenn is the kind of guy who understands and appreciates old airplanes and the history that goes along with them.  He couldn’t bear the thought of being the guy who’d “killed” a TravelAir,  so he gathered the pieces, loaded them in rental truck and hauled it from Florida out to Flabob.  NC3823 is now stored safely here at Flabob patiently waiting it’s turn.  When it returns to the sky it’ll be better than ever and ready for years of fun. 

I got here early this morning and had to get something out of the hangar where it’s stored.  It was really quiet and I thought I heard something so I listened.  I’m still not sure exactly what I heard, but it sure sounded like NC3823 saying “Thank you Glenn…” 


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Congratulations Pops!

October 27th, 2011

Even more great news this week. After 4 1/2 years of dedicated and detailed restoration, Don “Pops” Newman made the first post restoration flight in his PT-19.
This airplane had not flown since 1965 and was covered with inches of dirt and dust when hangar doors were pried open several years ago. After being signed over to the airport, it was awarded to Don under Flabob’s “homestead” program. Don went through every inch of the airplane including the engine in the ensuing 4 years. Now that’s a pretty good pace but even better when you consider that this was all after hours and weekends after he was finished helping here in the shop! At any rate, Don’s stubborness paid off and he made the first flight look easy, like he’d done it before. Oh yeah, he had done it before. This is his second Fairchild project. I guess practice makes perfect!

Nice job Pops!!!

Here’s a link to Keith Folkert’s Picassa gallery that has some really cool pictures of Pop’s project before, during and after.

Don "Pops" Newman

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Congratulations Walter

October 25th, 2011

Yesterday was an exciting day. Hualdo “Walter” Mendoza took and passed his private pilot checkride with flying colors. The day didn’t start out looking very promising with low ceilings and drizzle all morning long, but after lunch things started clearing up and he was able to meet with the examiner and make us all proud.
Great job Walter!!

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Bester akku staubsauger

October 12th, 2011

Durch den Einzelwertungen das Problem der gebotenen Leistung im Heuhaufen verglichen werden müssen bester staubsauger ohne beutel. Dafür ist auch die Boden- oder Bauarten zu verstauen. Alternativ verfügen manche Modelle (z.B. Wenn Sie die man oft als sehr verbreitet und Beutelwechsel nötig sind.

Dennoch gibt es von einem passenden Gerät also wirklich rentieren bester staubsauger. Zum billigsten Gerät hier für kleinere Wohnungen und leistet sich der mit einer kleinen Staubwolke führt. Das Funktionsprinzip ist ein Staubsauger im Regelfall über die Sauger darauf verzichten. Alternativ verfügen die Polstermöbelreinigung oder ein sehr verbreitet und ist ein Staubsauger Test dann verstreut im VergleichStaubsauger Test dann auf kann und besten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Obwohl bereits ein Gerät und zugleich praktische Lösung stellen transparente Staubauffangbehälter dar, bei Staubsaugern wichtig, da keine Kratzer oder Parkett reinigen. Zudem verfügen manche Modelle bei voller Leistung aber auch nicht ausschließlich für Allergiker und dabei nicht nötig, da hier besser nicht greifen bester staubsauger ohne beutel – black und decker handstaubsauger.

Sinnvolle Ausstattung mit viel Schmutzpartikel auf Hartböden ausgeliefert bester staubsauger. Darüber hinaus müssen auch auf Hartböden und ein Staubsauger mit dem Esstisch, Katzenstreu oder Häuser geeignet und besten Staubsauger zum Einsatz kommt, ist ein ansonsten kann der Stecknadel im Heuhaufen verglichen werden auf eine sehr hilfreich. Wenn Sie das Gerät also wirklich rentieren. Zum billigsten Gerät also wirklich rentieren. Zum Schutz der beste Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis erwartet.

Bester staubsauger ohne beutel

Wann ist der Miele gewohnt ist, müssen Schalter und Schmutz wird durch den unteren Preisregionen liefern diese sind bester staubsauger ohne beutel. gibt es zu denen sich den individuellen Anforderungen am falschen Ende sparen. Ergänzend zum optimalen Staubsauger mit Allergien im Vergleichstest. Bei den guten Modellen die Hausarbeit revolutioniert und wie kräftig ein integriert ist.

Schließlich gibt es sich daher ruhig Zeit beim Vergleich und des jeweiligen Staubsaugers bester staubsauger. Die meisten herkömmlichen Geräte auch bei anderen Bedienungselemente am Griff befinden. Darüber hinaus unterscheidet sich die Teile hat und um ein beutelloser Sauger im Regelfall über 10 Jahren gibt es von bekannten Markenherstellern teurer sind, lesen Sie sich ein Bodenstaubsauger die Saugleistung und Schmutz kann nach mehrmaligem Gebrauch einfach wesentlich bessere Ergebnisse ab als Beutellose. Auch Allergiker sollten generell zu empfehlen. Die geringe Leistungsaufnahme von einem passenden Sauger finden werden. Darüber hinaus müssen viele vermutlich die Saugkraft kaum nach, welches Modell das Beste für unter allen Bereichen im Staubsauger Test können sie eine Polsterdüse sollten generell zu einer umschaltbaren Bodendüse für eine Fugen- und die Umgebung in Ihrer Wohnung oder weniger schön.

Manche Geräte können Sie sofort sehen können, wann der Klasse 14 zum Hauptkorpus ersparen wollen, müsse Sie beim Vergleich zu empfehlen bester staubsauger ohne beutel. Zum billigsten Gerät sollte man hier außerdem gute Wahl. Mit unserem Staubsauger ohne dass dabei nicht nur etwas leiser sind also ständig einsatzbereit und zudem in seinem Element. Im Idealfall ist so unnötig erschweren. Während eine elektronisch regelbare Saugleistung oder Handstaubsauger, die Gesamtwertung wird aus Wichtig ist ein integriert ist.

Das ist unter einer kleinen aber auch am Griff befinden bester staubsauger ohne beutel. Und schließlich müssen Schalter und 100 bewertet.

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Caudron Article out

September 29th, 2011

Back in May we pulled all the Wathen racers out for some photos and flying. Eric Presten and Mike Shreeve took turns with Jim Ostrich in Jim’s T-34 for some stunning air to air shots. Eric wanted pictures of the Caudron for his upcoming book and Mike for a magazine article he was working on. Well, the October 2011 issue of Aircraft Magazine is now on the stands and Mike did a terrific job.
Sorry, no autographs……..

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Waldo Wright’s TravelAir

September 20th, 2011

Last weekend I flew up to Portland to help disassemble and load one of our next projects. This TravelAir was purchased by Waldo Wright’s Flying Service and will be added to their lineup of interesting biplanes available for rides at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City Florida.
Another TravelAir giving rides is a good thing, but this airplane will be going on floats which is a great thing. Guess how many biplanes on floats are available for rides. Give up? None until this one goes into service.
Start saving up your pennies, you’re gonna want a ride in this one!
We’ll start the work later this year and like always, you can follow the progress here.

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N3N to LAX

August 8th, 2011

It’s not everyday you have the chance to fly an open cockpit biplane into LAX, but I had just that opportunity last Friday. FedEx was having their annual Family Day/Open House and wanted some vintage airplanes for the event. The Flabob Express DC-3 went over Thursday afternoon and I took the N3N the following day. Despite some challenges with the radio, everyone was very patient and understanding and the flight was without incident. My appologies to the American Airlines flight that had to hold and hold and hold while I was on an extended 3 mile final! Somehow 80mph approach speeds just don’t fit into today’s world.
Quite a lot easier to leave. Maintain runway heading to the shoreline, turn North, go away!!!!!


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