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Cabin Waco Progress

October 8th, 2010 by Mark

It’s been a busy summer. Between getting the Caudron to Oshkosh and then taking the Hatz for a little vacation, there’s been a lot of flying, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about the Waco project. Much to the contrary, it’s taken it’s place front and center and we’ve been making great progress. The wing covering was finished and all four wings were painted with their metallic blue base color. The lower wings have had the airplane’s distinctive “wing” logo applied while the uppers are now ready for the same treatment.
The fuselage woodwork has also moved into high gear. The woodwork on a Cabin Waco is some of the most intricate you’ll ever find, and the Waco factory definately had their own way of doing things. There are no parallel tubes in the front cabin area, yet the window frames and channels have to be perfectly aligned or the windows will bind or rattle. Throw in a bunch of curves for the fabric stringers, and don’t forget the fuel lines that are routed through the same area.
They called it the Advanced Aircraft Company, and said “Ask any Pilot”. I say “Ask any Restorer”……..
Updated pictures in the current projects area.


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